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Helping women with two or more years of experience explore and launch their career in investment management


Looking to launch your career in investment management?

We’ve worked with hundreds of women with backgrounds in industries such as investment banking, management consulting and corporate finance (+ many more!), introducing them to the world of investment management. With the support of our industry partners, we map out the career pathways, explain the skills you need and introduce you to the people who can help you launch your career in this hugely influential and fascinating industry.  

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Launch your career

If you know a bit about investment management and think it could be what you’re looking for but need help figuring out where to start, our early career community is perfect for you.
By subscribing, we’ll:

  • Share the ins and outs of investment management and what it’s REALLY like working as a professional investor (good, bad and ugly) so you can determine if this is the career for you
  • Provide practical career advice by explaining the technical and non-technical skills you’ll need and how to develop them
  • Profile the career and life stories of investors and create forums where you can ask questions and build your contacts with key influencers
  • Give you practical tools to succeed so you can purposefully design a career you love.
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If a career in investment management is your obsession, then YourEDGE is for you. Designed for career women who want to strengthen their appeal as future investment talent, the program provides: 

  • 1:1 mentor: be paired with an industry expert offering tailored advice – no more general, confusing suggestions. 
  • Direct introductions: expand your networks with personal introductions to investors – no longer a faceless name on an application
  • Skills development: be supported to develop a robust investment thesis and hone your interpersonal skills so you’re job-ready when opportunities come up. 
  • Advocacy and support: benefit from the endorsement of professional investors, leveraging their reputational capital and giving you a competitive edge.

Essential skills for transitioning into front-office investing

If you are currently working in investment banking, management consultancy or a related field and you want to move into a front-office investing role, our early career community can help you build the skills and connections to get there.

To land an entry-level role in most investment teams, you need around 2-5 years’ experience. Here are other standout qualities employers look for:

  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills – analysing and interpreting financial data to make well-informed decisions, and knowledge of financial modelling is key
  • Knowledge of financial markets – a good understanding of how markets work and a demonstrable interest in current trends, events and major deals
  • Excellent communication skills – concise and confident written and oral communication skills are key to explaining complex financial concepts, and building stakeholder relationships and trust
  • Entrepreneurial mindset – being able to think like an entrepreneur and identify unique investment opportunities others might miss, or having a creative and innovative approach to investing can help you stand out
  • Risk management – understanding how to identify risks and balance rewards to maximise returns
  • Confidence and conviction – the ability to back yourself and your ideas, with the humility to admit when you’re wrong
  • Flexibility and adaptability – agility and quick thinking to respond to the ever-changing market conditions
  • Ethics and integrity – forget Wolf of Wall St! Integrity is essential for an investment manager

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From a female's perspective it's a great time to be in investment management. You have a competitive advantage because we need more women in the industry.

Future IM/Pact program was extremely valuable in helping me unlock a network of amazing leaders in the investment management industry.

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Our resources library is designed to help you build your skills and knowledge, and develop your career and professional impact. From practical guides and workbooks, to insightful articles, and handy tips for securing your dream job, we’ve got you covered.

While female representation in Australia’s investment management industry is increasing, the pace of change is slow. To accelerate the growth of women in investments, we need both a bottom-up and top-down approach.
Future IM/Pact is delighted to welcome Platinum Pacific Partners onboard as our exclusive recruitment partner.
Communicating with clarity, conviction and confidence is key to getting your message across and elevating your impact. Download our Communicating with Impact Workbook for practical exercises and tools to help you communicate with confidence.

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