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In-house sponsorship and advocacy program

Develop a leadership culture of enabling and advocating for diverse talent while investing in the career potential of emerging leaders  

The experience

We develop leaders to unleash the extraordinary in diverse emerging leaders, and support this talent to fully express their skills, talents and ambitions.

Sponsors play a critical role in any leader’s journey. They help their proteges navigate internal systems, stakeholders and politics, and access networks and opportunities while building their confidence to take on ambitious projects they otherwise might not embrace. Sponsors care deeply; they have their sponsees’ back and use their reputation capital to advocate for their potential

Leaders are craving more guidance on how they can shift to more effectively connect with and advocate for diverse talent. A structured program that connects them with talent they might not otherwise be exposed to while supporting them to develop the behaviours that unleash the exceptional addresses this need.

Run in-house over six months, Future IM/Pact’s sponsorship and advocacy program is anchored by the inner game of leadership, careers and life. Diverse emerging leaders are immersed in powerful tools that build their confidence, leadership capability and career conviction alongside senior leaders who develop the essential mindset and behaviours of exceptional sponsorship.


  • Cultivate a culture that rewards leaders who unleash the potential in others, with a focus on supporting diverse talent to thrive 
  • Build a succession pipeline of exceptional diverse talent who have the mindset, influence, skills and connections to be future leaders of the organisation
  • Support emerging leaders to fast-track their career through personal responsibility, self-belief and an appetite for continuous growth

“Possibly what might take many years (if ever) to learn about yourself and gather tools to help you thrive and progress your career, is basically accelerated in months. Yolanda’s advice, especially in one-on-one sessions, is always on point and insightful. If you have the opportunity to participate in the program and want to invest in your future self, I would highly recommend it.”

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Leader insights

Kellie Wood shares her insights on the benefits of participating in a formal sponsorship program.

I've learned to listen more and tell less, while building trust and alignment with the team in support of our growth ambitions

A dual development experience

Leader development pathway

Future IM/Pact’s sponsorship and advocacy program supports and challenges leaders to move beyond managing and mentoring to use the full suite of sponsorship tools that enable talent to thrive.

We use powerful content and tools that generate the insights and confidence to support action.

Emerging leader development pathway

Aspiring leaders are inspired and challenge to drive their careers with clarity and confidence so they can chart a pathway to leadership. With a focus on the inner game of leadership, we develop emerging leaders in the areas of:

  • Adaptive leadership
  • Leadership purpose and career strategy
  • Energy management, confidence and passion
  • Influence and impact
  • Building a strategic network
Sponsorship Levels
Graphic showing the emerging leader development pathway

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