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While female representation in Australia’s investment management industry is increasing, the pace of change is slow. To accelerate the growth of women in investments, we need both a bottom-up and top-down approach.
Yolanda spoke at the Schroder’s 2023 International Women’s Day (IWD) event, discussing the theme of gender equity and how we can accelerate the growth of women in investment management with Kellie Wood, Schroder’s Deputy Head of Fixed Income Australia.
Our Future IM/Pact events are full of great advice from professional investors wanting to help more women join the investment management industry. Here is a roundup of invaluable tips and insights shared at our recent Early Career Program events.
Future IM/Pact is delighted to welcome Platinum Pacific Partners onboard as our exclusive recruitment partner.
Case study
For Australian Ethical Investments, fostering gender diversity isn't merely a feel-good goal, but a strategic imperative. At Future IM/Pact, we’re proud to partner with Australian Ethical and applaud their ongoing commitment to driving gender balance within their business and across the industry.
Book review
The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship by David Whyte is a thought-provoking and introspective exploration of the interconnectedness of work, self, and relationships.
Front-office investing roles require a strong foundation in technical expertise to effectively analyse financial data, make informed investment decisions, and manage portfolios. Here you'll find the essential skills you need and how to develop or sharpen them.
Providing feedback and demonstrating candour from above the line is an essential practice for holding others accountable and becoming comfortable with having difficult conversations.
In this collection, you’ll find tools and insights to help you craft a career strategy that aligns with your values, interests, and aspirations. From defining your purpose to leveraging your strengths and identifying skills and opportunities for growth, you can carve out a meaningful and flourishing life within the world of investment management.
Case study
Yo&Co started working with Munro Partners in 2019 when they were a team of 10. They had experienced exceptional growth in funds under management and knew investment in their culture was essential to ensure their ongoing success.
Communicating with clarity, conviction and confidence is key to getting your message across and elevating your impact. Download our Communicating with Impact Workbook for practical exercises and tools to help you communicate with confidence.
Becoming a confident communicator can increase your influence and impact. This collection of articles and resources offers insights on how to confidently convey your ideas, express yourself with clarity, and engage others effectively, to become a powerful influencer and catalyst for positive change.

Most of us spend just under 2 hours a day worried. That's a fair chunk of our day below the line, mostly about work, family, money and relationships. Worrying about things we can't control saps our energy, which could be directed into things we can control. That's why we love sharing powerful resources for you to take control of your leadership, career and life, and profoundly alter your lived experience and impact on the world. Enjoy.

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