Creating a diverse and human-centred investment management industry

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Helping women launch a career in investment management while empowering all professional investors to elevate their leadership impact, and build a career and life they love.


Helping women launch a career in front-office investing


Cross-industry programs supporting the potential and impact of professional investors through the inner game of leadership


Working with industry to nurture future female investment talent, and deliver in-house leadership and development programs

A diverse, human-centred industry achieves better outcomes – for everyone

We help great female talent launch and build fulfilling careers in front-office investing while working with leaders and teams to build cultures where everyone does their best work. An industry that better reflects the world it invests for, harnesses different perspectives and inspires extraordinary leadership is our endgame. 

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Working with industry to nurture future female investment talent, and develop extraordinary leaders and cultures

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Our Future IM/Pact events are full of great advice from professional investors wanting to help more women join the investment management industry. Here is a roundup of invaluable tips and insights shared at our recent Early Career Program events.
Case study
For Australian Ethical Investments, fostering gender diversity isn't merely a feel-good goal, but a strategic imperative. At Future IM/Pact, we’re proud to partner with Australian Ethical and applaud their ongoing commitment to driving gender balance within their business and across the industry.
I've had a few conversations with clients and my team members recently that have served as potent wake-up calls, reminding me of the silent influence of stress and the importance of self-reflection and vulnerability in leadership.

After feeling frustrated by how hard it is to recruit women into investment teams, it’s deeply satisfying to be working on an initiative making a tangible difference to this issue.

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Empowering professional investors to elevate their leadership impact and build a career and life they love

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