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Nurture future female investors and create thriving workplaces where rising professionals and leaders are empowered to elevate their leadership impact, and build a career and life they love

How we help

Our partner programs help investment teams source and retain great female investing talent. We do this by inspiring women at university and in their early career to learn more about careers in the front-office and then supporting them to land their first role either as an intern, grad or entry-level analyst. Our retention programs are designed to help the industry cultivate a culture where everyone can do their best work. That’s why these programs are designed for women and men, across all roles and functions.

Inspiring and enabling future female investors

We engage smart, numerate women (at university and in the early stages of their career) and help them launch their careers in front-office investing. We do this by raising awareness of investment management, inspiring their passion for investing, developing their skills, and providing access to networks and job opportunities.

Immersive learning experiences

Employees are looking for organisations that are committed to building great cultures and that invest in their career and personal development. We offer a suite of in-house immersive programs targeting all career stages within the investment management industry, designed to amplify leadership capabilities and create more connected and engaged teams.

Keynotes and offsite experiences

We’re passionate about sharing ideas and stories that inspire exceptional leadership, fulfilling careers and human flourishing. Book Yolanda for your conference, team offsite or client event, and expect a memorable experience.  

Gender composition in investment teams

Future IM/Pact, in collaboration with Mercer, is leading the Gender Data Report to build a comprehensive view of gender composition and talent mobility within Australian investment teams.

“Future IM/Pact make it easy for us to meet extraordinary women who are curious about the world and excited to learn more about markets and investing. Our team love what they do, and they want to share their experiences with others.”

Problem creates opportunity

Findings from Mercer’s 2016 research into female representation in investment management was the catalyst to create Future IM/Pact. It found a lack of women in front-office investing roles was due to several deeply entrenched structural and cultural issues within the industry.

Since then, we’ve engaged with dozens of investors and budding investors, about their career ambitions and what they need to build a lifelong, sustainable career in asset management. 

Future IM/Pact responds to this challenge by building a talent pool of future female investors, inspired and mentored by the current generation of women and men, who are challenged and supported to continually evolve and grow. A diverse and human-centred investment management industry is our endgame.

Here’s a snapshot of the problems we’re working with industry to solve.

  • Opportunities to improve diversity are limited – investment teams are small and turnover is low.
  • The industry doesn’t build grassroots talent from university; it mostly hires talent with 3-5 years’ experience for junior investment roles.
  • As a result, women at university and in their early career are less likely to know about the career opportunities in investment management.
  • Work intensification, poor leadership and politics and power plays are the main reasons why women are 50% more likely to leave at the senior analyst level and are 30% less likely than men to be promoted.
  • Many women are thriving in their roles. They’re motivated by the impact they can have, are intellectually challenged and are working with great people.
  • The pressures of the role can be intense. Balancing humility with conviction, solving complex problems with incomplete information, and managing the disappointment when performance is down are among the challenges that confront all investors. These mental obstacles can impair their investment decision-making, cast a leadership shadow and undermine wellbeing.
  • Women and men are eager to inspire and mentor the next generation of investors, and learn and grow together so they can reach their full potential.

Our partners

Our partners

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Why partner with us?

Build the female talent pipeline

Future IM/Pact is supported by leading fund managers, super funds and other industry participants who financially and practically support our work to inspire and attract female investors. In return for their time and funding, partners receive invaluable benefits, including:

  • Find qualified junior female investment talent that brings new perspectives to decision-making via our mentoring circlesinvestment competition, and early career program
  • Your people enjoy high-impact, low-effort ways to contribute to a long-standing problem and nurture the next generation of investors
  • Satisfy stakeholder expectations for more women in investment teams
  • Build your employer brand in a tight talent market, leveraging our high-profile platform to share your commitment to building a more diverse and people-centric industry
  • Access to free resources and partner discounts on programs aimed at building a fulfilling career and flourishing life
  • Participate in career-defining programs with industry peers

Build human centred cultures

Future IM/Pact’s cross-industry and in-house programs are anchored by the science of human flourishing. Our driving passion is to make you a better investor and leader, so you can build a career and life you love, and support those around you to be better too. Here’s how:  

  • By focusing on your inner game, we go to the source of your greatest growth edge. Uncovering how your ego, insecurities and mindset are creating a cap on your investment talent and leadership impact, and what needs to change, is our endgame.
  • We get you. Having worked in and around funds management for over 20 years and coached dozens of investors and other industry leaders means we understand your challenges.
  • Connecting people is in our DNA. Because our programs give us a unique view of the technical problems participants are grappling with, we’re ideally placed to connect professionals across industry to share ideas and solutions.   

The insights I'm gaining through this coaching program are materially impacting by investment leadership. I just wish I learned this years ago.

Featured resources

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For Australian Ethical Investments, fostering gender diversity isn't merely a feel-good goal, but a strategic imperative. At Future IM/Pact, we’re proud to partner with Australian Ethical and applaud their ongoing commitment to driving gender balance within their business and across the industry.
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Yo&Co started working with Munro Partners in 2019 when they were a team of 10. They had experienced exceptional growth in funds under management and knew investment in their culture was essential to ensure their ongoing success.

Join us as we foster a generation of engaged and diverse fund managers across Australia

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