Early career rising star: Eds Lamdagan

Eds Lamdagan

Meet Eds Lamdagan, a dynamic, creative self-starter and much-loved member of our Future IM/Pact program. Eds shares her career journey to date, her future aspirations and why she loves working in the investment management industry.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m 23 and was born in Cebu, Philippines where I spent my formative years studying before my family relocated to Brisbane, Australia. This multicultural upbringing has shaped my perspective and instilled in me a global mindset. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a major in Finance from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Alongside my academic pursuits, I actively participated in extracurricular activities such as case competitions student societies.

Professionally, I am currently working as a research analyst at Credit Suisse, where I focus on covering small caps, transport, and infrastructure companies. During my free time, I indulge my creative side with photography and filmmaking. In terms of my career aspirations, I strive to be in a role that consistently challenges me to grow and improve and makes an impact. I am deeply committed to driving meaningful change and achieving positive outcomes through strategic investment decisions.

What has been your career journey to date?

During university, I participated in the QUT Student Managed Investment Fund, which allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge and pitch portfolio strategies. I further expanded my practical skills through internships at PwC Australia in Financial Assurance and at Deloitte in the Deloitte Managed Solutions (DMS) team. During the summer of my penultimate year, I joined Credit Suisse Australia as a summer analyst, rotating between equity research and sales & trading. In addition, I worked as a research associate at Hyperion Asset Management and as a junior consultant at Tribus Advisory during my final year at university before joining Credit Suisse as a graduate analyst.

What do you love about your current role and industry?

I love the dynamic nature of the work and the opportunity to have a meaningful effect. I thrive on the constant challenge of analysing complex financial data, researching industries, and uncovering valuable insights that can guide investment decisions. One of the most rewarding aspects is the ability to contribute to the growth and success of clients. The industry itself is ever-evolving and this constant change keeps me engaged and motivated.

I love the dynamic nature of investment management and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact as I am deeply committed to driving meaningful change and achieving positive outcomes.

What do you find most valuable about the Future IM/Pact program?

The exposure and information it provides about the investment management industry and the opportunities available within it has been invaluable in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

One of my most memorable experiences has been participating in the mentoring program. Having the opportunity to personally engage with industry professionals and receive their insights and advice has been truly memorable. It has not only expanded my knowledge but also provided valuable guidance for my career development.

What interests you most about a career in investment management?

I am drawn to the challenge of analysing complex financial data and the opportunity to work closely with companies, analyse market trends, and contribute to the growth of businesses is incredibly exciting to me. I had some awareness of the investment management industry before my involvement with Future IM/Pact, however, I have certainly gained deeper exposure and a better understanding of the potential career paths into the industry.

As a young woman, do you feel confident and supported to pursue a career in investment management? 

As a woman in the early stages of my career, I acknowledge that despite some progress, there are still obstacles and limitations that women face in entering and advancing in the industry. Nevertheless, there are numerous organisations —such as Future IM/Pact and its partners— that are actively working to address these challenges and promote gender equality in investment management. Initiatives like diversity and inclusion programs, mentorship initiatives, and increased awareness of gender biases are being implemented to foster a more supportive and inclusive environment for women.


One of my most memorable Future IM/Pact experiences was participating in the mentoring program which not only expanded my knowledge but also provided valuable guidance for my career development.

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