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In-house learning experiences focused on the inner game of exceptional leadership, high performing teams and building a career and life you love.

Our workplace programs

The best talent want more than competitive pay. They want to work for organisations with a great culture that can demonstrate a commitment to their growth and career success. In an industry like investment management, which depends on smart people working together to solve complex problems, bringing out the best in your people is also critical for investment and organisational performance. 

We offer a range of in-house programs that strengthen leadership performance, create more connected and engaged teams and support your people to build a career and life they love. It’s all part of fulfilling our ambition to create a diverse and human-centred industry.

Leadership Lessons

Custom programs run within your organisation helping all levels of leaders master the inner game of leadership. Contextualised to your organisational imperatives and focused on building trust, personal responsibility and great communication.

Our Adaptive Teams program explores what it takes to bring your best self to work and bring out the best in others. Getting more done and having more fun is the endgame. Informed by team diagnostics, over a series of workshops teams work through a range of self-leadership tools to identify their own and others unique strengths and greatest growth edge, building a more connected team through self-awareness, trust and accountability.

Our in-house sponsorship and advocacy program pairs 12 of your senior executives with emerging leaders in a dual development experience. Senior leaders expand their ability to unleash the potential of others while emerging leaders build the confidence, capability and commitment to aspire for executive roles. 

Yolanda gets to the heart of issues that are holding individuals and the team back from operating at their best. She has become a valued extension of our team and sounding board for me on people issues as we’ve grown.

Featured resources

How we gather and process information, make decisions and respond to situations is driven in large part by our personality. The jobs we love and hate, the people we're drawn to and the ones we avoid, how we show up in teams, and our core beliefs about ourselves and the world are all massively impacted by our personality preferences.
The inner game reflects the science and leadership theory that states your ability to fully express your skills and talents, embrace complexity and make great decisions, build the collective intelligence of your teams and enjoy a sense of personal flourishing depends on your ability to work with your ego, identity, mindset and beliefs.
I find many of my clients (and myself and my team) are struggling more and more with micro-stress. The subtle, often unacknowledged stress we encounter everyday that piles up and depletes our energy. I share some practical tips to help mitigate and manage micro-stress in our lives.

Build high-performing teams built on trust, accountability and great communication

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