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Technical excellence, sound judgment and great sponsors have likely fuelled your career success. The next stage of your career will be determined by the talent you unleash in others. Future IM/Pact cross-industry programs and one-on-one coaching allow you to pinpoint how you need to evolve to bring your best self to work so you can bring out the best in others.

Targeted one-on-one coaching providing insight and frameworks to discover and work on your greatest growth edge. Informed by The Leadership Circle Profile 360, leaders are supported to gain new perspectives on what they need to do differently to set clear direction, providing meaningful work, engage and influence stakeholders and lead effectively.

The cross-industry Lift sponsorship and advocacy program enables diverse mid-level career talent to aspire for leadership roles while equipping leaders to support and advocate for their potential. Over six months, senior leaders are paired with emerging talent from their organisation in a sponsor/sponsee relationship that supports talent to reach their full leadership potential, and enables leaders to amplify their impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Is this you…

  • Have 15 or more years’ experience
  • Want to elevate your leadership impact and the collective intelligence of your teams
  • Are keen to learn practical frameworks and tools to tackle the biggest obstacles in your professional and personal life
  • Are willing to be challenged, confronted, inspired and changed by deep, inner-work

If I think about my own career, sponsorship is probably the most important ingredient to what’s taken me to where I am today. All the critical moments and shifts in my career were backed by someone who was willing to take a risk on me. The Lift program puts some structure around this essential ingredient.

What you learn

By focusing on mastery of the inner game of leadership, our programs playfully support senior leaders to gain new insights into their strengths and shadows, and what needs to shift to improve their personal and leadership effectiveness. Here’s what you will discover:

Only by operating from a higher order of consciousness can we lead transformations that produce short and long term shifts in performance.

  • How you show up in ways that serve and ways that don’t
  • How you can change your mindset and evolve your identity to adapt and grow
  • How to enhance your creative capacity and mental complexity by identifying and shifting limiting beliefs
  • Ways to generate more energy and confidence
  • Techniques to improve your influence with key stakeholders by working with threat and trust systems
  • How to improve the collective capacity of your teams

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I've had a few conversations with clients and my team members recently that have served as potent wake-up calls, reminding me of the silent influence of stress and the importance of self-reflection and vulnerability in leadership.
Industry event
Time: 12:00 PM–
2:00 PM
Date: June 24, 2024
Location: Mercer office, 727 Collins St, Docklands
Join us for the Melbourne launch of the Gender Data Report, a comprehensive overview of gender diversity and talent mobility across Australian investment teams.
How we gather and process information, make decisions and respond to situations is driven in large part by our personality. The jobs we love and hate, the people we're drawn to and the ones we avoid, how we show up in teams, and our core beliefs about ourselves and the world are all massively impacted by our personality preferences.

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