Elevating team performance at boutique fund manager Munro Partners

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We love working with fund managers over time so we can immerse ourselves in their world and become a sounding board on culture. We've had the privilege of working with boutique global equities manager Munro Partners since 2019.

Here's a snapshot of how we work together.

Yolanda gets to the heart of issues that are holding individuals and the team back from operating at their best. She has become a valued extension of our team and sounding board for me on people issues as we’ve grown.


We started working with Munro Partners in 2019 when they were a team of 10. They had experienced exceptional growth in funds under management and knew investment in their culture was essential to ensure their ongoing success. While they were a tight team of high performers, individualist thinking, getting stuck in ruts after making the wrong call, and a tendency to defer to leadership were among the mindset and behavioural challenges the founders were keen to address.

Developing the team from the inside out

Our engagement started with one-on-one interviews to identify everyone’s perspective on the team’s greatest growth opportunities. From there, we developed a workshop series targeting self-awareness, other-awareness, adaptability and communication.

The team has expanded to over 20 and FUM continues to grow. Yolanda continues to induct new team members in key adaptive leadership concepts, provides ad-hoc support to the leadership team and 1 on 1 coaching to senior investors.

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  • Supported the investment team to shift individualistic decision-making and tap into their collective intelligence
  • Provided a shared language for owning unconstructive, threat-based responses
  • Helped team members shift long-held insecurities, improving their confidence, productivity and well-being
  • Reinforced leadership commitment to team culture
  • Improved team communication, providing and receiving feedback and alignment


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