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As you move into more senior investing roles, your development focus becomes less about what you do and more about who you are. Stepping up as a great leader and investor is an adaptive challenge that requires an exploration and shift at the level of mindset, ego and identity. It becomes more about your inner game than the outer-game. 

LevelUP is a four-month development program for women who aspire to portfolio management and leadership roles and want the clarity, confidence, and support to get there.

The program will raise your profile, unlock your potential and help you realise your life and career ambitions.

Targeted 1-on-1 coaching providing insight and frameworks to work on your greatest growth edge. Informed by The Leadership Circle 360, Future IM/Pact coaching is focused on upgrading your internal operating system so you can secure your career trajectory by improving your performance, embracing complexity and unleashing the potential in others.  

The Lift cross-investment-industry sponsorship and advocacy program enables mid-level investors to aspire for leadership roles while equipping leaders to support and advocate for their potential. Over six months, senior leaders are paired with emerging talent in a sponsor/sponsee relationship that supports mid-level investors to reach their full leadership potential, and enables leaders to amplify their impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Is this you?

  • Have 5 or more years’ experience working in an investment team
  • Want to strengthen your investor mindset, elevate your leadership impact and secure your career trajectory
  • Are keen to learn practical frameworks and tools to tackle the biggest obstacles in your professional and personal life
  • Option to learn and grow with a tight cohort of impressive peers
  • Want 1-on-1 coaching and peer support to help you develop and grow

The Adaptive Leaders program helped me see how my ego’s tendency to say yes to everything was coming at a personal cost. Calling it out has meant I delegate more, which is great for my well-being while also creating development opportunities for others.

What you learn

By focusing on mastery of your inner game, our programs playfully take participants out of their comfort zone to explore how they can shift to unleash their and other’s potential. While each participant works on their unique adaptive challenge, the process has everyone discovering:

  • How you show up in ways that serve and ways that don’t
  • How you can upgrade your mindset and identity to address persistent limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • What needs to change for you to bring out the best in others
  • How to artfully have difficult conversations that transform cultures
  • The power of radical responsibility to create a career and life you love 
  • Any barriers that impair your ability to lead diverse talent, and how to dissolve them
  • How you can generate more energy, clarity and conviction

Through the Adaptive Teams program, I learnt what my colleagues from different teams saw in me, my strengths, what they valued, what they thought I could improve and how this would in their opinion be best for the team.

Being able to adapt and grow is arguably the most important trait of the 21st century. It’s not just about learning new skills, but more importantly it’s the spirit of continuous and iterative learning and progress that matters most, which is a discipline that can be crafted over time.

Featured resources

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I've had a few conversations with clients and my team members recently that have served as potent wake-up calls, reminding me of the silent influence of stress and the importance of self-reflection and vulnerability in leadership.

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