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Adaptive Teams

Investing in trust, personal responsibility and great communication to lift team performance and engagement to new levels

The experience

Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.

Bringing together diverse people with different perspectives to solve complex problems and capture new opportunities is arguably the most important – and hardest – aspect of leadership. Humans are tricky and team dynamics can be fraught. Nurturing a culture of trust, accountability and great communication is vital.

Our Adaptive Teams program is designed for teams ready to take their performance to the next level. By identifying individual mindset, attitude and behavioural shifts, team members can lift the team’s output and influence while driving a deeper level of relational connection and collaboration.

Over a series of interactive workshops, teams work through a range of self-leadership and team tools to playfully surface and address any barriers to individuals and the team operating at higher levels of performance while celebrating the incredible strengths and shared humanity of the group.

Ideally suited to

  • Any team with an appetite for growth
  • Particularly well-suited to high achieving teams that want to step up and deliver even greater results, or ambitious teams who are bogged down by unhealthy conflict or tension  
  • Leaders that understand exceptional performance is more likely to be achieved when everyone in the team is learning and growing
  • Teams ready to dive deep into the inner-game of leadership and reap the rewards of more connection, trust, creativity, innovation and success

If this sounds like your team, contact us today about our Adaptive Teams program.

Leader insights

Ronald Calvert, CEO of Munro Partners shares his insights on the benefits of working with Yolanda to develop and grow your team. 

We can now have the more difficult conversations, better. In a way that the results are better for us as a business.

Challenges we embrace

All teams are hampered by below the line behaviours, at least some of the time. When we’re below the line, we’re feeling threatened and respond with a need to win and be right. This fuels behaviours like drama, defensiveness, self-doubt and overwork.

By building a practice of paying attention to how we have conversations (context) not just what we’re saying (content), we can build habits that move the team above the line before often. It’s here we’re creativity, curiosity and innovation flourish.

Because humans are wired to be overly sensitive to threats, most of us spend most of the time below the line. Here are some of the below the line challenges we help teams embrace and shift:

  • Individualism mindset, undermining group cohesion
  • In-group and out-group dynamics that erode inclusion and trust
  • Change resistance and / or difficulty moving on from past issues or complaints
  • Poor communication and limited transparency, creating confusion and doubt
  • Personality conflicts built on misunderstandings
  • Unhealthy and distracting competitive tension between team members

Development focus areas


Pinpoint and surface team dynamics that are supporting high performance and those that are holding the team back. Option to integrate insights from teams’ platform Squadify, which assesses the team on clarity, climate and competance.  


Build deeper connections and discover more about each other through personality profiling and story-telling. Explore how personality differences across the team create wonderful strengths and can be the source of conflict and tension.


Build an appetite for growth and challenge by uncovering the mindset and behavioural change individual’s need to make to lift team performance.  


Deepen trust through shared vulnerability and a commitment to working on the behaviours that promote psychological safety including personal responsibility, candour and curiosity.  


Develop a common language that allows the team to navigate personality differences and conflict by connecting with the universal reality of how our threat and trust systems undermine team collaboration and performance

This program is a great way to realign your priorities and capture a new energy in bringing your best self to your team and work.

Featured resources

How we gather and process information, make decisions and respond to situations is driven in large part by our personality. The jobs we love and hate, the people we're drawn to and the ones we avoid, how we show up in teams, and our core beliefs about ourselves and the world are all massively impacted by our personality preferences.
Leadership insight
Insights and wisdom from Nick Griffin, CIO of global equities fund manager Munro Partners on his leadership growth journey.
The human threat and trust systems are psychological mechanisms that influence how individuals perceive and respond to various situations, particularly in social contexts such as when we're at work.

Great teams don’t happen by accident – there’s intention behind how they’re built, and deliberate attention to the behaviours and habits that matter the most.

Through this program I learnt what my colleagues from different teams saw in me, my strengths, what they valued, what they thought I could improve and how this would in their opinion be best for the team.

Have you got a team that needs a growth challenge? Our Adaptive Teams program is just for you

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