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Adaptive Leaders coaching

A bespoke coaching program designed to ignite extraordinary, from the inside out.

The experience

Future IM/Pact’s Adaptive Leadership coaching explores the most significant change leaders can make to improve their effectiveness and what they need to overcome to achieve their full potential.

Informed by 360 feedback using the Leadership Circle Profile, we help you see, understand and shift the thoughts, emotions and reactive behaviours that don’t serve you, so you can upgrade your internal operating system, evolve your identity and fulfil your leadership potential.


What's in it for you?

  • Get more done and do better work – Be more productive and creative, think more clearly and improve decision-making. Perform at a higher level
  • Lift the collective intelligence of your teams and colleagues by modelling and building a culture of trust, personal responsibility and connection
  • Work better with others – Build deeper, more fulfilling, trusting relationships at work and home; more effectively collaborate with others; influence more effectively
  • Enjoy work and life more – Experience less stress, anxiety and upset; have a greater sense of wellbeing, energy, and personal fulfilment and flourishing


Our coaching programs are run as an integrated professional development experience over a 6-month timeframe, informed by 360 feedback and supported by powerful tools to upgrade your internal operating system.

Growth doesn’t happen without courage and conviction, so expect to be challenged and confronted, as well as inspired and invigorated.

  • Kick-off call with your people leader to discuss areas of focus and key development goals
  • 1 x 90 min in-depth session
  • 5 x 50-minute subsequent sessions
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment and Clarity 4D personal profile report
  • Action learning and homework (self-reflection and other assigned activities)
  • Ongoing support via email and SMS check-ins, and unlimited pulse check-ins

$9,800 plus GST

As CIO, I know that I set the tone for how we work together. I’m a big talker. That means I think out loud and sometimes worry that I’m dominating the conversation and confusing people with only half-formed ideas. I’ve learned to sit back more, sometimes in uncomfortable silence, and give the team the space to step into the conversation and talk through different ideas.”

Featured Resources

How we gather and process information, make decisions and respond to situations is driven in large part by our personality. The jobs we love and hate, the people we're drawn to and the ones we avoid, how we show up in teams, and our core beliefs about ourselves and the world are all massively impacted by our personality preferences.
I find many of my clients (and myself and my team) are struggling more and more with micro-stress. The subtle, often unacknowledged stress we encounter everyday that piles up and depletes our energy. I share some practical tips to help mitigate and manage micro-stress in our lives.
Leadership insight
Insights and wisdom from Nick Griffin, CIO of global equities fund manager Munro Partners on his leadership growth journey.

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