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Cross-industry programs and 1-on-1 coaching focused on the inner-game of investing, leadership, careers and life.

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Discover practical, immersive programs to support every stage of your career, helping you build a sustainable and flourishing life you love.

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You’ve got the core technical skills to succeed at investing, now it’s time to hone your non-technical, interpersonal skills to help accelerate your career. Subscribe to Yolanda’s monthly blog for insights and practical advice on how to master your inner game and learn the invaluable, often intangible, skills that will set you apart.

Step up and grow

As you level up to more senior positions, your professional development becomes about cultivating who you are, not perfecting what you do. Becoming an exceptional leader and great investor is an adaptive challenge; meaning you must change at the level of ego, mindset and identity to be the best leader and investor you can be.

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Light the pathway

Create lasting impact as a leader by supporting diverse talent in your organisation to reach their full potential. Our Sponsorship and Advocacy Program helps senior investors discover how they can change to more effectively enable high potential talent to thrive.

The Lift sponsorship and advocacy program helped me gain new insight into how I need to think and act differently to increase my impact as a leader and deliver on our growth ambitions. It has had a profound impact on me.

Leveraging your inner-game

Your greatest growth edge lies in cultivating who you are and how you show up for others

If you’re eager to take your career to the next level or improve your leadership impact, it’s time to focus on the inner game of investing, leadership, career and life. You have the skills and knowledge to be an expert at what you do. Becoming an exceptional leader and great investor is now about cultivating who you are and how you show up for others.

Your inner-game comprises your mindset, personality, ego and identity. It’s always mediating the outer-game, being your skills and behaviours. Together they determine your impact on the world. By now, you’re already developing your outer-game through post-graduate studies and/or real-world, on-the-job experience. By focussing on the inner-game, Future IM/Pact programs target the area of greatest leverage.

In this dynamic and ever-changing industry, professional investors need to be adaptive. We’ll give you the tools to harness your strengths, work with your shadows and rise to the lifelong challenge.

Yolanda gets to the heart of issues that are holding individuals and the team back from operating at their best. She has become a valued extension of our team and sounding board for me on people issues as we’ve grown.

The Adaptive Leaders program helped me see how my ego’s tendency to say yes to everything was coming at a personal cost. Calling it out has meant I delegate more, which is great for my well-being while also creating development opportunities for others.

Resources to support your development

While female representation in Australia’s investment management industry is increasing, the pace of change is slow. To accelerate the growth of women in investments, we need both a bottom-up and top-down approach.
Case study
For Australian Ethical Investments, fostering gender diversity isn't merely a feel-good goal, but a strategic imperative. At Future IM/Pact, we’re proud to partner with Australian Ethical and applaud their ongoing commitment to driving gender balance within their business and across the industry.
Providing feedback and demonstrating candour from above the line is an essential practice for holding others accountable and becoming comfortable with having difficult conversations.

Join us as we foster a generation of engaged and diverse fund managers across Australia

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