Australian Ethical's unwavering commitment to gender diversity

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For Australian Ethical, fostering gender diversity isn't merely a feel-good goal, but a strategic imperative. At Future IM/Pact, we’re proud to partner with Australian Ethical and applaud their ongoing commitment to driving gender balance within their business and across the industry.

At Australian Ethical, we're unwaveringly committed to gender diversity. Recognising historical challenges within investment management, we've embraced an active recruitment program, prioritising female talent. We firmly believe that fostering gender diversity not only enhances our investment capabilities but also drives superior investment performance. That's why we cherish our enduring partnership with Future IM/Pact, as together, we're shaping a more inclusive and successful future

Setting the standard: Gender diversity targets

At the heart of Australian Ethical’s commitment lies an unwavering dedication to setting and achieving ambitious gender diversity targets. In November 2023, as part of their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy review, Australian Ethical elevated their investment team female gender diversity target from 30% to 40%. By the end of the year, they had met this target and now boast a team composition of 8 females and 12 males in their investment management function, including Portfolio Manager Natalie Tam who you can read more about here.

Active recruitment and supportive policies

What sets Australian Ethical apart is not just their targets but also their proactive approach to achieving them. They actively target female candidates for investment management roles, ensuring that at least 50% of shortlisted candidates are women. Additionally, management understands the importance of supporting flexible working arrangements to promote work-life balance, particularly for women juggling professional and personal responsibilities.

Australian Ethical also recognises that achieving gender diversity goes beyond numbers, and cultivating a culture of inclusion and support is key. They understand the barriers facing women in the field, from lack of self-confidence to societal expectations, and strive to create an environment where all individuals, regardless of gender, feel empowered to thrive and succeed.

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  • Elevated Australian Ethical’s brand with university students and early career women.
  • Enabled direct and personal access to a pool of emerging female talent.
  • Increased employee engagement through their positive experience with the program.
  • Facilitated collaboration across the industry, benefiting from insights and best practice.

Unlocking potential through partnership and engagement

Australian Ethical’s partnership with Future IM/Pact allows them to tap into a pool of emerging talent, including female students and early career women who may not have traditional pathways into the industry but possess invaluable skills and perspectives.

Throughout our partnership, Australian Ethical investors have actively engaged in many of our programs, including Mentoring Circles, Investment Competition, YourEDGE mentoring program, networking events, and early career panels, nurturing the growth and development of future female investors and building a more inclusive investment management industry.


More case studies

VFMC aspires to become one of the first gender balanced investment managers in the world, and are well on their way with 40% women across their investment team. In 2022, VFMC joined Future IM/Pact as a partner to not only strengthen their own gender diversity position, but also raise the bar across the board with their support of industry-wide initiatives, including LIFT Sponsorship Program.
Macquarie Securities joined Future IM/Pact in 2019 as a result of the commitment of Executive Director and then Head of Research, Kristen Edmond.
Mentoring Circles offer students an opportunity to learn more about the industry and be mentored by leading investors from our partner firms. We kicked off in March with TDM Growth Partners.

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