Advice for early career women from professional investors


Our Future IM/Pact events are full of great advice and pearls of wisdom from professional investors wanting to help more women crack into the investment management industry. Here is a roundup of invaluable tips and insights shared at our recent Early Career Program events.

Here is a roundup of all the best tips and advice professional investors have shared at our recent Early Career Program events. We’ll keep adding to this page as we hear more great advice for early career women.

Early Career Panel & Speed Mentoring

This event showcased the variety of roles and pathways across investment management and why it is such a dynamic and exciting career path. The panel of speakers and our generous mentors shared this advice for aspiring female investors:

  • Start your own investment portfolio (or paper portfolio) and journal as you go – what worked, what didn’t go as expected, what did you learn, what will you do differently. This is great for self-learning and to be able to share in interviews
  • Key qualities Asset Managers are looking for in candidates are strong numeracy skills, an understanding of business, and a demonstrated curiosity and passion for markets
  • When trying to find/articulate your passion - think about where your general interests lie and find the investment angle (e.g. climate change, gender diversity)
  • Network and attend as many industry events as you can to meet investors and build relationships with your peers
  • Read widely – and not just investing books. Try reading books about cognitive bias, thinking and decision-making
  • Find a mentor. Reach out to the mentors you met at this event or other industry events and build a relationship
  • Stay across the financial news, trends, market deals and movements

Read more about this event here and insights into what kind of investment management role might be best for you.

Women in Private Equity and Venture Capital

This fantastic event, co-hosted with our partner firm Tattarang, showcased four impressive female investors in the Private Equity and Venture Capital space who shared these tops tips for cracking into the sector:

  • Build your networks, reach out to investors, send a “cold email” to introduce yourself and ask for a chat to learn more about the industry
  • Research an industry that interests you and pitch it in interviews and informal meetings
  • Have a go at your own start-up business and share your learnings
  • Read the financial news and stay across current deals in market
  • Participate in university investment competitions and industry events

“We love to see people who have had a go at their own start-up as it gives them empathy for the people we invest in and a better understanding of the business journey" Dr Michelle Decker.

Read more about this event and the insights shared here and here.

Investor Insights virtual roundtable with Macquarie

Macquarie investors Peter Steyn and Jamie Laskovski emphasised how important it is to have a passion and curiosity about the markets and to persistently build your networks by reaching out to people on LinkedIn, attending networking or industry events, and staying connected with Future IM/Pact.

“We need a range of different perspectives and viewpoints in this business so never underestimate your ability to add a contribution to a sell-side team” Peter Styen.

Read more about this event and the insights shared.


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