Mastering your inner game

Becoming the best investor and leader you can be is an inside job

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We’re all playing an outer and inner game. The outer game is what we do and how we show up; our expertise, competence and behaviours. The inner game is always driving this outer game, and comprises our ego, identity, thoughts and feelings.  

Most of us spend most of our time perfecting what we do, however great success and fulfilment comes from understanding how we do it. Shifting limiting beliefs that sit below our conscious mind and drive our emotions and behaviour is key to mastering the inner game. That’s why it’s your greatest point of leverage. 

If you’re ready and willing to fully express your skills and talents, make better decisions, elevate your leadership potential and empower others, we’ve got the tools and programs to get you there. Creating a diverse, human-centred investment management industry where everyone flourishes is our endgame.

Yolanda Beattie
Future IM/Pact founder and leadership coach

The best investors know that technical skills are hygiene factors; it’s passion, intellectual curiosity, humility and conviction that make good investors, great. And the best investment leaders know they need to master their inner game so they can help their teams do the same.

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Why play the inner game?

Leadership impact

Broaden your perspective, enhance problem-solving, lead with intention and integrity


Scale your impact, build confidence, boost your energy and improve your effectiveness

Better relationships

Navigate conflict and enhance stakeholder relationships through trust and self-awareness

Unleash others

Unlock the potential in your people, attract and retain diverse talent, and lift the collective intelligence of your teams


Find the right balance so you feel inspired, fulfilled and love your career and life

Inner game programs for individuals


You have 5+ years investment management experience and you’re ready to take your career to the next level and elevate your leadership potential by making the unconscious conscious.


You’re a leader with a deep commitment to being the best version of yourself and supporting your teams to bring out their best. You are looking for a bespoke program to radically uplevel your leadership and personal growth.

etiles sponsorship individual

You’re a talented mid-level investor who aspires to a leadership position within your organisation but perhaps doesn’t fit the typical archetype, or a senior leader who wants to amplify the careers of others and leave a legacy.

Inner game programs for teams


If you lead or are part of a team that wants to step up and deliver greater results, harness the diversity in your teams or need to move through tension and unproductive behaviours, Adaptive Teams is for you.

leadership development

Want to create more leadership capability across your business? We can build and run a customised in-house leadership program contextualised to your organisational culture and goals.

etiles sponsorship inhouse

If your organisation aspires to a culture where diverse talent can reach their potential and senior leaders are supported to advocate on their behalf, our in-house sponsorship program can help.

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The investor’s chief problem – and even their worst enemy – is likely to be themself.

Ideas that change you

We use a range of tools, frameworks and concepts in our programs to stretch your thinking and expand your mental complexity. Here’s a few ideas we love:

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