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Build the career skills required to thrive. Developed specifically for women pursuing a career in investment management

Interactive tutorials to accelerate your growth

Having strong technical and analytical skills is a must for any professional, and key to getting your foot in the door, however it’s how well you master the non-technical skills such as communication and influence that will determine your career progression and success.

Future IM/Pact founder and leadership coach, Yolanda Beattie, shares her best self-leadership and personal development techniques during these interactive 2 hour online tutorials. Covering crucial skills such as self-leadership, communicating with impact, energy management and personal branding, the sessions are highly practical and personalised. 

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These sessions came at a time when I needed support I was not getting at work. I really appreciate all the tools and guidance provided and learnings from other peers - irrespective of seniority level.

Why attend these sessions?

Our Leadership Lessons are highly interactive and personal, offering you insights and practical tools to help you navigate real-life challenges in your life and career. During these sessions you will receive:

  • A comprehensive workbook with practical exercises and tools
  • Live coaching from Yolanda to help you work through real issues
  • Small group break out sessions to dig deeper and explore topics
  • Techniques and advice you can implement immediately
  • Insight and wisdom from Yolanda’s many years in leadership development

Upcoming Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lesson
Time: 5:00 PM–
6:30 PM
Date: December 6, 2023
Location: Zoom
The pace of life can speed up at this time of year as we race to finish projects, attend social events and prepare for the holidays. Managing your energy is crucial - learn simple techniques to help.

The Leadership Lesson on giving and receiving constructive feedback was full of great tips for getting into the right mindset to accept feedback as a gift, and using it for our growth and career development. Yolanda coached many of us through our real-life feedback situations and provided practical insights that will make a tangible difference in our lives right now. Such a helpful and useful session!

Featured resources

In this collection, you’ll find tools and insights to help you craft a career strategy that aligns with your values, interests, and aspirations. From defining your purpose to leveraging your strengths and identifying skills and opportunities for growth, you can carve out a meaningful and flourishing life within the world of investment management.
Mastering the art of receiving and giving feedback is one of those keystone habits that unlocks extraordinary growth within yourself and others, while also deepening trust and connection in your relationships. Learn more through our curated collection of expert advice and practical tools.
When we are faced with workplace conflict and drama, it is helpful to step back and consider our own part in the situation. Understanding our own biases, motivations, and values can help identify and address the concerns of stakeholders and manage tension with grace and effectiveness.

Intimate learning groups, bespoke workbooks and guidance to help you develop the non-technical skills required to thrive

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