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Career Masterclasses

Interactive virtual tutorials for professional investors already in investment management covering a range of self-development skills to propel your career

Interactive tutorials to accelerate your growth

Having strong technical and analytical skills is a must for any professional, and key to getting your foot in the door. However, it’s how well you master the non-technical skills such as communication and influence that will determine the pace of your career progression and success.

Future IM/Pact founder and leadership coach, Yolanda Beattie, shares her best self-leadership and personal development techniques during these interactive 2 hour online tutorials run over a year-long program.

Start with our foundational session on self-leadership to deepen your self-awareness and skilfully work with your strengths and shadows, and then join our quarterly sessions covering communication, networking, feedback, influencing stakeholders, career strategy and managing your energy. 
Starting in February 2024, sessions will be held on Fridays from 10am-12pm throughout the year. You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook ahead of time and personal coaching and advice from Yolanda during the interactive tutorial. Make up sessions will be available and key takeaways and insights are distributed after every session. 
Your investment: $695

Why join this program?

These sessions are highly interactive and personal, offering you insights and practical tools to help you navigate real-life career challenges. Your learning and growth is supported by:

  • Comprehensive workbooks with practical exercises and tools
  • Action-learning where you apply tools to current challenges in between sessions
  • Live coaching from Yolanda to help you work through real issues
  • Small group break out sessions with your peers to dig deeper and explore topics
  • Techniques and advice you can implement immediately
  • Insight and wisdom from Yolanda’s many years in leadership development and investment management

Program experience

We explore sessions using real-life challenges and develop actionable plans to embed the learnings in your career and life to ensure you get the most out of this impactful program. 

Once you subscribe to our Career Masterclass series, you’ll be invited to our next self-leadership session which forms the foundation of all our classes. Over the year, you’ll be invited to attend unlimited sessions covering essential self-leadership skills such as:

Self-leadership (Foundational class)

Frameworks and tools to deepen your self-awareness so you can skilfully work with your strengths and shadows, exploring your dominant personality type and how your thoughts and behaviours impact the way you show up for yourself and others.

Communicating with impact

Communicating with clarity, conviction and confidence is key to elevating your impact. To master the skill of communication, we’ll explore our mindset and negative thought patterns, learn the art of influence through signalling cues and plan for high-stakes conversations.

Resetting stakeholder relationships

Influence is about relationships, and relationships are built on trust and connection. Most of us will have a time in our career when tension, conflict and drama disrupt stakeholder relationships. Learn how you can reset tricky relationships for greater levels of connection and impact.

Constructive feedback

Constructive feedback is crucial for career development, however, most people find it hard to give and often we’re not asking for it skillfully. Asking for, giving and receiving constructive feedback is a crucial skill to master and will greatly impact your career potential.

Networking effectively

Networking and fostering connections can lead to collaboration, mentorship, and opportunities that propel your career forward. Learn to love networking and see it as an asset and invaluable tool for success.

Career strategy

A good career strategy gives you clarity, direction and long-term impact. By exploring your purpose, profile and action planning, you can support your leadership potential and build a flourishing and sustainable career.

Energy management

Managing your energy and nurturing your well-being takes intention. Discover your Zone of Genius and the 4 pillars of integrity to boost your energy, build confidence and improve your effectiveness.

The session on giving and receiving constructive feedback was full of great tips for getting into the right mindset to accept feedback as a gift, and using it for our growth and career development. Yolanda coached many of us through our real-life feedback situations and provided practical insights that will make a tangible difference in our lives right now. Such a helpful and useful session!

Featured resources

In this collection, you’ll find tools and insights to help you craft a career strategy that aligns with your values, interests, and aspirations. From defining your purpose to leveraging your strengths and identifying skills and opportunities for growth, you can carve out a meaningful and flourishing life within the world of investment management.
Mental complexity relates to the way we make sense of the world and identity. Yolanda discusses tools and insights on how we can increase our mental complexity for greater effectiveness and performance.
Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all organisational change programs fail, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support. Yolanda explores what this opposition is all about?

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